Digital X-ray :

Taking radiographs is an essential part of any practice. We use a digital processor which allows us to perform high quality x-rays relatively quickly. Sedation or general anaesthesia is normally necessary in order for us to gain good quality images, and ensure your pet is kept safe.


Ultrasounds :

Ultrasound is a non-invasive and painless procedure. Here at Raheny Veterinary Hospital, Ultrasound is frequently used to examine the structures of the heart, abdominal organs, and is also used for pregnancy diagnosis.


In-house Laboratory :

At Raheny Veterinary Hospital we have our own well equipped laboratory which enables us to analyse your pets samples quickly and efficiently. Blood tests may be run as a health screen prior to a general anaesthetic, or if your pet is unwell.

Analysis of urine, faeces, skin scrapings and aspirates from lumps can also be analysed.

For more extensive and specialist tests, we may send your pets samples to an external laboratory for analysis.



This is a machine that is used to evaluate the electrical activity of your pets heart.


Endoscopy :

An endoscope is a tiny camera which can be used to view otherwise inaccessible areas of the body such as the nose, throat and stomach.